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Our network

Our networks

The Foundation has acquired a deep knowledge of the Piedmontese ICT industry understanding the needs of innovation, weaknesses and strengths.

Over the years Torino Wireless has gathered a database of more than 2000 companies:
  • 1200+ involved in activities and projects
  • 200+ R&D projects developed by companies in collaboration with research centres
  • 80+ new companies join the network each year

Moreover, the Foundation has been managing since 2009 the Regional Innovation Cluster on ICT and Multimedia (PoloICT) and since 2012 the National Technology Cluster for Smart Communities (SmartCommunitiesTech).

Thanks to a deep knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the ICT Industry and to its direct collaborations with other Regional, National and International entities (incubators, trade associations, district coordinators, etc.), Torino Wireless is a key player in the creation and coordination of networks to implement growth and self- reliance mechanisms for high-tech companies.

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