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Smart City planning

Innovation projects for local government bodies

Thanks to its contacts and relations with local and national government bodies, Torino Wireless is able to identify and plan a Smart City roadmap, to allow dialogue and create networking spaces with and between different stakeholders.

Torino Wireless can offer skills that comprehend:
  • Experience in complex project management related to Smart City
  • Contacts with policy makers
  • Building relationships with related innovation actions, programmes, funds, etc.
  • Ability to accelerate and mobilise a SME/WE ecosystem

Furthermore, through its role within the National Technological Cluster, Torino Wireless could explore capabilities for the re-use, replicability and sharing of best practices regarding Smart City solutions at a national level by involving different Italian cities, in particular the ones that are partners in the SmartCommunitiesTech: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Genoa and Reggio Emilia.

The Masterplan fot Torino Smart City - the SMILE Project

In 2012, Torino Wireless was asked, by the City of Turin, to become a partner of its initiative to meet the "Smart City" challenge of the European Community. Torino Wireless was appointed to run the SMILE project (Smart Mobility, Inclusion, Life&Health, Energy) to develop the Master Plan for Torino Smart City: a model that will help Turin define priorities and projects regarding the main topics of a smart city: mobility, energy, e-government, social inclusion, life and health.

With the involvement of 350 individuals from 170 organisations (companies, Universities/Research Centres and associations), Torino Wireless formed and coordinated 6 workgroups with experts coming from Torino City, from R&D Insititutes, from Private Companies and from other relevant players for each specific domain.

The Foundation carried out a benchmarking and analyses of specific local opportunities, analysed business and sustainability models and delivered a document containing:

  • Scenario Analysis & Benchmarking: 68 national and international best practices screened
  • 45 Actions proposed: 7 integration, 7 Mobility, 9 Inclusion, 12 Life&Health, 10 Energy
  • Actions to support Integration
  • System of KPIs
  • Funding & Sustainability Model
As a result, the City of Turin received a Smart City model that is helping to develop projects
  • beyond the logic of demonstrators,
  • sustainable and repeatable solutions,
  • leveraging local excellence.

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