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Torino Wireless as a partner

The Torino Wireless Foundation has been recognized by the European Commission (EC) as a Research Center, able to participate with different roles and competences in Research and Innovation Actions (RIA, IA) and Coordination and Support Actions (CSA).

Torino Wireless is a key player in networks management, thanks to a deep knowledge of the ICT Industry and to its direct collaborations with Regional, National and International incubators, trade associations and cluster coordinators.

Activities and roles


Given its expertise, Torino Wireless can:

Create synergies with existing innovation actions, programs, funds:
  • Networking and clustering activities with industrial and academic partners at local and national level
  • Partnership of European R&I projects
  • Management of funds for R&I at regional level
Accelerate the business ecosystem at regional and national level
  • Coordination and management of the Regional Innovation Cluster on ICT (Polo ICT)
  • Coordination of the National Technology Cluster for Smart Communities
Establish direct contacts and relationships with policy makers
  • Partner and representative of Turin Municipality and other Piedmont Municipalities
  • Representative of Piedmont Region and other Italian Regions through the National Technology Cluster for Smart Communities
Deploy its experience in complex project management related to Smart City
  • Coordination and management of Turin Smart City Master Plan development
  • Coordination of the National Technology Cluster for Smart Communities
Moreover, Torino Wireless can activate its network by involving:
  • SMEs, big companies, R&D centres, Universities, scientific and technological parks, specifically in the ICT sector
  • Local institutions like Piedmont Region, Turin Province, Turin City and Turin Chamber of Commerce
  • Public and private stakeholders

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