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The Torino Wireless Foundation
Torino Wireless is a nonprofit foundation established in 2003 with a wide partnership between public and private Regional and National actors to lead the foremost Italian hi-tech district focused on ICT (history). Since 2008, the Foundation has been managing the Regional Cluster on ICT and Multimedia and since 2012 the National Technological Cluster on Smart Communities.
Today, Torino Wireless is a local government-supported agency for Innovation and ICT that provides services to innovation-based companies and supports local stakeholders and public administrations in ICT and innovation-related projects, especially in complex project management related to Smart City.

Torino Wireless as a partner in European Projects
The Foundation has been recognized by the European Commission (EC) as a Research Center and it has experience in participating as a partner in international projects...

The regional Innovation Cluster on ICT - Polo di innovazione ICT
The Polo ICT Innovation Cluster was created in 2009 by the Piedmont Regional Government and represents a group of companies and research organizations focused on Information & Communication Technologies. It is coordinated by Torino Wireless...

The National Technological Cluster on Smart Communities - SmartCommunitiesTech
The SmartCommunitiesTech Cluster was created in 2012 by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and Torino Wireless was appointed its coordinator…

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