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27 Giugno

Data evento: 06/27/2014

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Fine: 13:00


Seminario internazionale: Big and Open Data

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Il seminario consentir√† alle imprese ICT di rimanere aggiornate sul tema Big e Open Data e di trovare potenziali collaborazioni internazionali con partner tedeschi per i bandi di ricerca Horizon2020 Societal Challenges. Organizzano Fondazione Torino Wireless nell'ambito del Polo ICT e Baden-W√ľrttemberg: Connected.¬†
I partecipanti scopriranno numerose best practices per trasformare nuove idee in progetti efficaci e potranno ascoltare dalla viva voce di esperti provenienti dalle regioni Piemonte e Baden-W√ľrttemberg argomenti come:
  • prediction, visualization, analytics and real-time capabilities at extremely large scale heterogeneous types of data;
  • new tools to model, manage vast amount of data;
  • data value chains across industries, sectors, languages and borders;
  • products and services based on open data resources (local, regional, national and European Open Data portals) also combined with private data;
  • the use of available open public data with private sector information and services through "apps" for public sector;
  • security and privacy aspects of big data and social analytics.

Inoltre sar√† possibile entrare in contatto diretto con Baden-W√ľrttemberg: Connected, uno dei migliori cluster in termini di progettualit√† europea, e con le aziende ad esso collegate.

La partecipazione al seminario è libera, previa iscrizione su questa pagina.
L'incontro è dedicato in modo particolare agli aderenti al Polo ICT.


Marco Passarella, Polo di Innovazione ICT


Disponibili le presentazioni
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Welcome participants

Turning data into Action, Value & Impact

Christian Racca, Top-IX Consortium 

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Big data and healthcare

Achim Hornecker, Dr. Hornecker Softwareentwicklung und IT-Dienstleistungen 

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Open data and Internet of Data: an open government case study

Gabriella Serratrice, Regione Piemonte

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Open, proprietary and user-generated data as complementary layers for new applications

Federico Morando, Politecnico di Torino, Nexa Center for Internet & Society

FI-WARE: FI-Lab and Smart Cities

Barbara Pralio,
Torino Wireless Foundation

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Open Innovation Lab: Internet of Things and Pitches of German Companies

Opportunities on H2020 Program

Chiara Ferroni, Torino Wireless Foundation, ICT Innovation Cluster 

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Regional innovation and competitiveness: towards international cooperation

Pasquale Marasco, Torino Wireless Foundation, ICT Innovation Cluster

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Sami Rabieh, Baden-W√ľrttemberg: Connected

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Q&A and conclusion


CHRISTIAN RACCA after graduating in engineering chose the TOP-IX consortium as the first work experience.
In later years he developed technical skills, particularly on the issues of streaming and cloud computing.
Over the past 3 years he has focused on web startups, by mentoring several projects on business model and infrastructure and by developing relationships with venture capitals and seed-angel investors. In the last months he was investigating the theme of Social Innovation as a new way to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Right now he is organising the third edition of BIG DIVE a training course for data scientists and #bigdata addicted.

ACHIM HORNECKER. Dr. Achim Hornecker studied Mathematics and Information Technology in Freiburg i.Br. and finished his PhD in 1997. In this year he founded the Company Dr. Hornecker Software Development and IT-Services as a supplier for neurophysiological analysis software. From 2006 until 2012 Dr. Hornecker was also general manager and shareholder of the company Brain Products in Munich, which produced Hard- and Software for brain research. Today Dr. Hornecker works in different fields of signal analysis like finance, CRM/ERP, traffic and especially healthcare. Since Big Data became more and more popular in these areas, he uses the potential of this technology for the benefit of his customers. 

FEDERICO MORANDO is an economist, with interdisciplinary research interests focused on the intersection between law, economics and technology. His research activity at the Nexa Center mainly concerns new models of production and sharing of digital contents. He also taught intellectual property and competition law at Bocconi University in Milan and he is an associate editor of the IJCLP. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Bocconi Univ. and a master’s degree in Economic theory and econometrics from the Univ. of Toulouse. He holds a Ph.D. in Institutions, Economics and Law from the Univ. of Turin and Ghent with a dissertation about software interoperability. He joined the working group of the Nexa Center in 2006 at the beginning of its first year of formal activity. From Dec. 2012, he leads the Creative Commons Italy project and he is a member of the Open Team of Regione Piemonte that launched and steers the development of the first Italian open government data portal. From 2008 to 2012, in his position as the first Managing Director of the Center, he worked closely with the Directors to define staff and project goals and to coordinate the Center’s fellows. From 2013 he is Director of Research and Policy, focusing on the coordination of the cross-disciplinary research activities of the Center and on the related policy support actions.

BARBARA PRALIO is a Technology Manager at Fondazione Torino Wireless, where she works on driving business opportunities for local enterprises and supporting SMEs in developing innovative RTD projects. She has a wide competence on technology innovation for Smart Cities and Communities, working on the development of the National Technological Cluster "SmartCommunitiesTech" and on the strategic planning of Torino Smart City. She was also actively involved in national and international research programs and co-authored a number of scientific publications on international journals and conference proceedings. She holds a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Phd in Production Systems and Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Torino (Italy).

CHIARA FERRONI is a senior business analyst at Torino Wireless. She is in charge of all activities to support members of the National Technological Cluster "SmartCommunitiesTech" and members of the Regional ICT Innovation Cluster to develop R&D projects: building partnerships, editing R&D proposals, evaluating and selecting the best projects in terms of innovation, business return and budgeting. She has a wide knowledge of the ICT industry as she works with small, medium and large high tech enterprises focused on new paradigms such as Internet of Things, Intelligent Transport Systems, Mobile technologies, Cloud Computing, and on technology innovation for Smart Cities and Communities. She graduated in Management Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and has completed two business administration courses at UCLA, California (USA).

PASQUALE MARASCO. Degree in Marketing at Università degli Studi di Parma (Italy) in 2005, and Master in e-Business and Management of New Technologies in 2006 at Politecnico di Torino. After that he has attended some classes of Master in Business Administration course at Anderson School of Management of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). This courses was focused mainly on the business planning activities. At the end of this international experience in Los Angeles (USA), he was hiring, in January 2007, at Fondazione Torino Wireless in Networking&Clustering Department like business analyst. The main skills are related to networking between companies and value chain project. Beside he has good knowledge of a great number of ICT companies in the Piedmont ICT District in particular those work on agrifood sector, urban mobility, e-health and tourism. Last five years he has coordinated an internationalization project called "Think Up". From 2014 he is leading the Regional ICT Innovation Cluster.

SAMI RABIEH. Dr. Sami Rabieh holds a Ph.D. in political science of the University of Frankfurt/M. with a focus on international regulation of information and communication technologies. In 2004 he obtained a scholarship from the Hans-B√∂ckler-Foundation for his research on the topic. Currently, he is head of project team ¬ďICT business development¬Ē at ¬ďBaden W√ľrttemberg: Connected¬Ē (bwcon), the largest private high-tech initiative in the State of Baden-W√ľrttemberg witch ca. 600 members. His main occupation there is to bring together vendors, research institutions and users of ICT from different sectors, in order to encourage and manage innovation-projects. Previously, he worked at Berlin based Initiative D21, Germany¬ís largest public private partnership for the information society (members include e.g. Adobe, Deutsche Telekom, Intel, SAP).

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