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Polo ICT


The regional Innovation Cluster on ICT was created in 2009 by the Piedmont Regional Government and represents a group of companies and research organizations focused on Information & Communication Technology.

The Polo ICT members

Today the ICT Cluster is a dynamic and constantly growing network that counts more than 200 members, coordinated by the Torino Wireless Foundation. The Cluster members belong to three different categories: enterprises, including big companies and SMEs, able to express innovative liveliness and interest in investing in development paths; universities and research institutes, with the direct participation of all the Piedmontese universities and private research Institutes of reference for ICT technologies; and key players that support innovation in the ICT sector.


The Polo ICT Cluster is an opportunity for companies to develop their business and their growth. The Cluster supports companies in developing R&D projects and competencies, encourages industrial partnerships and strives to further National and International networks, seizing the best opportunities available in the European context.


In the last three annual activity plans, 60 projects have received grants for a local generated value of € 25.2 M€, placing the ICT Cluster at the top of the regional clusters for its capacity for attracting resources.

Funds are provided by the Piedmont Government though the Regional Operative Programme, with the funding of the European Regional Development Fund 2007-2013. The Regional Operative Programme is a multi-year program that finances research and innovation projects, feasibility studies and services.

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